Martin Robertson

Martin Robertson

Principal Migration Agent

MARN 1170298

JP (Qual)

We can help you achieve your goals!


Martin and Jennifer have personal experience of applying for a variety of Australian visas.


Having been through the process we understand how stressful it can be and we will be there to address your concerns and guide you through the process from start to finish.


Introducing the Directors of Visa Partner Pty Ltd

Martin and Jennifer first travelled to Australia for a holiday in December 2004. During that 5 week visit they traveled all over but fell in love with Cairns, and decided that Cairns is where they would like to live permanently. They returned to Australia in June 2006, initially both on student visas.


The student visa allowed them to study and work part time. They found an employer who sponsored them on the 457 Long stay Business visa. A change of employers required another 457 visa application and finally applied for a permanent visa via the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 857 visa (renamed subclass 187). They are now both dual citizens of Australia and of the United Kingdom.


During their time as temporary residents of Australia, Martin and Jennifer thoroughly enjoyed investigating all visa criteria and this sparked an interest in this area. Despite their enthusiasm for research they engaged several professional agents in Cairns to manage their visa applications as they wanted to ensure that they met all current legislative and evidence requirements.


Once they reached permanent resident status Martin decided to get qualified as a Migration Agent so that he could continue to be involved in the fascinating area and help others achieve their goal of obtaining temporary and permanent visas in Australia.

Jennifer Neilson

Jennifer Neilson


JP (Qual)

Message from the Principal Migration Agent 


Why should you use a Registered Migration Agent?


Anyone can access the relevant law such as the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994. Other legislative instruments are available through  or You can download checklists from  but submitting all items on a checklist does not mean a visa will be granted. These resources may enlighten some yet confuse others.


A vital resource is the immigration departments internal Policy and Advise Manual or PAMS for short. In situations the law may state "a reasonable period of time" but may not then define what is reasonable. The case officer can look to the relevant PAM for guidance on what, under current policy is defined as reasonable.


The PAMs are often updated, in some cases several times a year. Registered Migration Agents can access the information contained in the PAMs through subscriptions services, to ensure that your application meets not only the legislative requirements but also current immigration policy requirements.


It is possible to buy a house in Australia without engaging the services of a solicitor or conveyancer, you could use a DIY kit. How many people do you know who decide to do this? Why would you want risk the biggest investment in most people’s life? What if you get it wrong? This is why most people use a professional.


This is how I view visa applications. My visa application was important to me so I engaged professionals to assist me.

Talk to a Registered Migration Agent (RMA)


I recommend you talk to a RMA as early as possible and allow them to assist with your visa application. You do not have to use me as your agent, but I suggest you take advantage of our free initial consultation. To find an agent in your local area click here.


RMA's cannot guarantee outcomes but they can advise you on visa options that matches your stated goals and review your supporting documentation to ensure it is compliant, potentially saving you a lot of stress, heartache and time.




Martin Robertson

Migration Agent Registration Number 1170298


“I have been in your shoes”


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MARN 1170298

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