Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Visa Partners were super professional and worked closely with me to get my visa approved.

I felt happy to receive my grant letter, all thanks to Martins hard work.

Thank you so much for everything!
Posted By: Sanela
RSMS Subclass 187 Permanent Visa , Cairns
First of all thank God for answering our Prayers,

Thank you Very much Mr. Martin and Mis Guri for helping us in this journey of my visa all the hard work paper works and phone calls my both visa granted today 801 and 820 partners visa highly recommended Visa Partner for helping us on processing my visa.

God Bless and we hope that many people you can help too.
Posted By: Kane and Darren
Partner Visa 820 and 801 granted same time
I first went to Visa Partner after meeting Yu online.

Martin and Jennifer have done everything for us, from first tourist visa to partner visa to permanent Visa.

Along the way they have fully explained every step and guided us through the many requirements of immigration. Police clearances, statutory declarations from family and friends, translations of numerous documents in Mandarin.

The advice and lodging of all applications were spot on with no hassles and no knock backs from immigration.

We would happily and sincerely recommend their services for anyone seeking any visa applications prepared by Martin and Jennifer of Visa Partner.
Posted By: Robert and Yu
Partner Visa Subclass 801
We are very grateful that we asked assistance from Visa Partner.

With the knowledge and expertise of Martin, Jennifer, Guri and the rest of the team, our application for Permanent Residency (Subclass 801) was granted.

They helped us from the start (Prospective Marriage Visa, Subclass 300) to this final stage. Being with them for all our visa stages, they've been very helpful, and they made everything easy and uncomplicated for us.

They are professionals and very friendly in dealing with us all the time through the process.

Again, thank you very much for all the help and assistance. Our dreams and plans would not be possible without Martin and his team
Posted By: Janet & Mick with children Isabella & Allan
Partner Visa (Subclass 801)
We would like to thank Martin and his professional team for all the help and hard work they put in to help Manich and Lydia through the Visa process to allow them to move to Australia so that we can become the family unit we have dreamed about for the past 6 years.

Manich and Lydia have received their temporary residents status now and eagerly await the final stage to become permanent residents.

We are happy to recommend Martin and his team at Visa partner to anyone requiring assistance with any type of Visa because true to the company name they do become your hard working partner in the sometimes arduous process involved to ensure the outcome desired.

Again best wishes to the team for the future from one very happy family.
Posted By: Manich, Lydia and Gary
Partner Visa , Innisfail Qld
I always knew before we applied for the Partner Visa that I wanted to get an agent to help us as I knew applications can be stressful and a lot of paperwork and evidence is required.

One of my friend got her Permanent Visa with the help of Martyn and Visa Partner and recommend them to me and Elliot.

Let's just say that I am so glad we did as thanks to them it was much easier! You provide all the documents and then they do the work for you and they are always quick to answer any question! THANK YOU!

Our partner visa application just got approved and it is a big relief!
Posted By: Camille and Elliot
Partner Visa
I would highly recommend visa partner !

Very professional and reliable service
Posted By: Wayne and Duong
Partner Visa
A massive thank you to Martin and his team for all the hard work and support involved in getting my Partner Visa submitted and Granted with flying colours. I honestly can’t express how amazing Martin, his wife and his team members have been.The staff members are truly amazing, very caring, welcoming and super professional.

Martin has been working on my case for over 2 years, he successfully processed both stages of my visa and I wouldn’t of had it any other way. As you can imagine this can be a very stressful time in your life, the decision made would be life changing and with this in mind Ben and I prepared for the best and the worst however the process was surprisingly with minimum stress involved.

I fully trusted Martin and his staff members, they had taken this matter very seriously and made sure they had submitted as much relevant information as possible. They were always on top with responding to all my emails and call’s with urgency. They gave us maximum support and advice throughout the entire process with clear instructions. I was also able to leave the country and go on holidays during the process with confidence.

My friend Mel had originally recommended Martin to me, she couldn’t express how amazing and efficient him and his staff member were and with this in mind I decided to go ahead and put my application in his hands, it was the best thing I ever did.

Thank you to Martin and his fantastic, supper supportive and amazing team, Ben and I can happily live together forever in Australia. Thank you for making our dreams come true and thank for all your hard work and dedication to ensure this is a smooth process for us.
Posted By: Shah & Ben
Partner Visa (Subclass 801) Permanent Stage
Dean and I had previously used Visa Partner for our provisional partner visa (820) application, so when the time came to submit the documents for our permanent partner visa (801) application we knew that we wanted to use them again.

Dean and I are loyal clients to Visa Partner, and we really appreciate the value they added to our case as an experienced registered migration agent. We plan to use them again when I become eligible for citizenship.

Visa Partner are very kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable on the visa process and ever changing visa regulations. They take the time to get to know YOU and YOUR visa application, knowing that no two applications are the same. I get the impression that when speaking to clients, they are quick to ascertain what that particular client’s needs are and provide advice accordingly- a very rare find in this fast-paced world where ‘one shape fits all’ and everything needs to be done yesterday.

If you are reading this testimonial I assume that you are thinking about using a registered migration agent- I urge you to look no further and engage the services of Visa Partner.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the team at Visa Partner- I can’t quite believe that I am now a Permanent Resident of Australia!
Posted By: Helen and Dean
Partner Visa (Subclass 801) Permanent Stage
I was recommended by a number of people to use Visa Partner to help us with our application.

I could not be happier with everything they’ve done for us.

They made the whole process easy and stress free and they were extremely helpful and informative.

I could not have done this without them and can’t thank them enough for making our dreams come true.

I would highly recommend Martin and the rest of the team . Our Partner visa was approved in just six months!

Once again thank you to everyone at Visa Partner.
Posted By: Luke and Nicole
Partner Visa
I really can't express myself into words to show how sincere I am and many many thanks to you and your team for the tireless and professional effort you have put towards my application process.

At last me and my family got what we have been waiting for. Permanent Residence in Australia!

Its a new breath of life for my family thanks to VISA PARTNER.

On behalf of myself and my family I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU sooooo much for guiding our visa application through the process and finally got approved.

Thank you Visa Partner
Posted By: William and family
186 ENS Visa
After a very stressful attempted of applying for the visa ourselves, we realised it was an impossible mission for us and contacted Visa Partner. We heard about Visa Partner through our friends and we decided to call Martin. As soon as we had our first conversation, it became clear that the team was able to answer all our questions and explain everything in detail.

We just got the phone call that our visa is granted and we feel like we just won the lottery! It is because of their amazing team we have our visa today and we couldn’t have done it without them. I can’t describe how grateful we are to Martin and his team for helping us through his.
So once again, thank you so much for your honesty, professionality, kindness and support.
Posted By: Jimmy & Lana
Partner Visa
Visa Partner is the Best!!!

I am very happy and grateful to Gurianna, Martin, Jennifer and to all the staff of Visa Partner for their support and hard work to help me obtain my Student Visa.

I would definitely recommend them to others who wants to apply for an Australian Visa and to those who are having problems in their visa application.

Thank you very much Visa Partner.
Posted By: Greta
Student Visa
We contacted Visa Partner after recommendations by friends.

We were able to meet the team very quickly and start our case.

Yoko, our assigned Migration Agent, has been very helpful and could not be more friendly, explaining everything, answering any questions very fast, always on contact by email or via phone call.

Yoko forwarded the last document to the Immigration recently as we planned, and the next day our visa was granted.

Can’t thank her enough for that!

Much appreciated.
Posted By: Anthony and Marine and baby Otillie
Partner Visa
Sophia and I would like to thank the whole team at Visa Partner for your smooth and professional handling of our visa applications over the years.

After a bad experience and visa refusal with a previous agent, Martin, Jennifer and the team guided us through this very stressful time.

We trust the team so much we strongly recommend them and we will continue to use Visa Partner's service for our PR application.

Thanks again Visa Partner.
Posted By: Glenn and Sophia
Partner Visa, Karratha
Tommy and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you all the staff at visa partner Woree.

For all the hard work in helping us to obtain my husband’s partner visa in Australia.

Our situation had turned from hard to easy with your help, especially after we had meetings with Yoko, she understood our stressful situation, and guided us through every single step to prepare our documents for visa lodgement.

She is such nice, patience and professional lady to answer all our questions.

And most importantly, within less than a year, my husband was granted a temporary partner visa to Australia and now we are living together with a happy life.

Once again, thank you so much for the professional work you have done for us, much appreciated!
Posted By: Tommy and Julie
Partner Visa
Yoko, Martin and the Visa Partner team have given nothing but support, advice and their highly knowledge expertise throughout the process of my Defacto Visa.

From the very beginning lots of information was given with step by step of how to provide what was needed which was very helpful. Prompted at every stage of the visa process and always on the other end of the phone or email if I was ever unsure.

I highly recommend visa partner as they too have been in our position, so they understand and support like no other.

Thank you!!!!
Posted By: Orchid and Rowan
Partner Visa
The team at Visa Partner have helped us to obtain a Partner visa which is the first step to fulfilling our dream of living together in Australia.

Martin and Gurianna have been so helpful to guide us through the application process.

We would recommend Visa Partner to anyone who is considering applying for an Australian visa.
Posted By: David & Wanran
Partner Visa
All staff have been extremely friendly and helpful.

Communication was always quick and informative. I would recommend Visa partner to anyone looking for a visa agent.

Thank you Martin, Jennifer, Yoko and Gurianna.
Posted By: Dean and Alexa
Partner Visa
From day one of meeting the Visa Partner team I entrusted them with the desire of making Australia my home, and I haven’t been disappointed.

On 1st February 2017 I received the golden phone call from Yoko that DIBP had granted my wish of becoming a permanent resident of this beautiful country, Australia!! Words cannot describe the feelings surrounding this moment but if I had to pick just one word it would be…magic!

This moment would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication that Yoko put into my case. With her calm and professional attitude, Yoko helped put my mind at ease at times of worry. She responded to my emails in a very timely fashion – which at such an important and stressful time of your life is so reassuring.
She answered questions no matter how silly they might’ve sounded and all round supported me and my application.

The professionalism, knowledge and care provided by the entire Visa Partner team makes this company the best company to entrust your visa requests with.

I have, and will continue to do so, recommend Visa Partner to others. A truly fantastic team! Thank you again! I have now booked flights to visit friends and family that I haven’t seen in four and a half years.
Posted By: Laura
RSMS 187 Visa
I would like to thank Visa Partner for their hard work and great help with achieving my visa.

I would especially like to thank Yoko for all her help and reassurance and determination with my visa. Always responding quickly with any queries or feedback when needed.

Visa partner are a great company and without them I would not be in Australia.

They made the process stress free and easy.

I could not recommend them highly enough.
Posted By: Lynsey
RSMS 187 Visa
First of all, I'd like to say thank you to the Visa partner team for their hard work, and huge thanks to Yoko and Martin. I definitely couldn't have made this far without Yoko and Martin. I still remember our first meeting to build up all the plans for my visa. I was lost and I wasn't ready and wasn't qualified. It took me almost 10 months to get my visa, but we started to work on my visa very long before that.

The best thing of Visa Partner is they actually look at your case, analyse all the possible ways, and suggest the most successful way to achieve your visa, not just following the procedures. They never exaggerate or overstate your situation. They don't sugarcoat you, and that's why I trust Martin and Yoko all the time. Yoko means more than a migration agent to me. she's always there to calm me down whenever I'm worried about my visa. Thank you for being patient with me and my tons of endless questions.

I'm very excited and feel grateful about my new life as a Permanent resident. Thank you for helping me to get through this long journey. If anyone feels lost and has no idea where to start, just go and see Yoko and Martin.

They are very professional and informative. They will listen to you, will guide you, and you will get to know where to start.

PS I am the one of the left :)
Posted By: Anna
RSMS 187 Visa
Myself and Justin owe a massive thank you to Martin and Jen helping us get my partner visa, without them I dont know what we have done. They have been super supportive, great with communication and have excellent knowledge.

Me and my partner Justin can finally relax now knowing I have my permanent residency and to top it off we got got engaged the other week!!

I would highly recommend Visa partner for getting your visa, if you want reliable, honest and hardworking people to assist, head straight to visa partner, I could not recommend them enough.

They made the process stress free, as much as possible and always able to answer any questions or concerns we had. The process is long and they assisted with every step of the way. I will be using them to assist with my citizenship, and will and have recommended them to my family and friends who have been where me and Justin were 3 years ago.

Thank you so much again, great services from day one till the end.
Posted By: Ellie and Justin
Partner Visa
Obtaining an RSMS visa for Australia is a long, stressful and difficult process and I must honestly say I could not have done it without the professional help of Yoko and Jennifer.

It felt like that at every turn new requirements emerged that I had to meet (e.g. getting a certificate for teaching, elaborate ways of obtaining foreign police checks).

My stress level would have gone through the roof if not for this amazing team.

They put my mind at ease with their professionalism and ‘we’ve got this’ attitude.

They always clearly communicated what was expected of me in a timely fashion. Any unforeseen or additional costs were also clearly communicated and explained.

After my visa grant came through I felt that Yoko was genuinely happy for me which only solidified the feeling that they truly cared about my case and that I wasn’t just a number.

I can now finally start the life that I wish to live.

These words fall epically short of the gratitude that I feel towards Yoko and Jennifer for helping me make this happen.
Posted By: Jelle from Netherlands
RSMS 187 Visa
We are now proud Permanent Residents of Australia.

Shirin and I would like to say special thanks to Martin and his team, specially Yoko whose hard work & dedication to our successful RSMS visa outcome. They were very professional & diligent. Always quick to respond & straightforward & thorough. Highly recommended.

Once again so many THANKS to Yoko for everything!
Posted By: Parul, Shirin and Gracy
RSMS 187 Visa, Melbourne
I would just like to say a massive thank you for your help and support with my application for Australian residency.

I knew going into it that my situation was not a common one and the out come could go either way. This was explained to me from day one. I was not filled with false hope but given the facts for which I am grateful.

Throughout the whole process I felt reassured by Yoko’s professionalism and experience that my case was in good hands. I was always kept informed as to where we were and what was needed from me.

Not once would I hesitate to call for advise or guidance. I truly feel that the whole visa partner team understand and respect how important an application is to each individual.

I now look forward to a wonderful future in this amazing country, which without your help may not have been possible.
Posted By: Victoria
Massive thanks to Visa Partner for helping us secure our Partner Visa. The team (especially Yoko) have been fantastic - from the beginning they went through all of our options, what they needed from us, and the outcome they thought we would receive, so that we knew what to expect throughout the process.

All the team are friendly and respond to emails the same day, and are understanding to your situation and have so much patience.

We really would have been lost without their help and guidance and know we made the right choice in going through Visa Partner - will definitely recommend to anyone in need of help with their Visa.

Thank you all again!
Posted By: Aaron and Kiri
Partner Visa
I have nothing but good things to say about Martin, Yoko, Jennifer and the rest of the team. They have been very supportive through this very emotional and stressful time.

Thank you for being very patient and thank you for listening and giving us very honest and truthful advise. I don't know how I would of done this without the help from this incredible and lovely team. I was dealing with the team for an entire year all the way from New Zealand and although at the time I had never met anyone in person I felt like I had known the team for years, we would email everyday and they were nothing but efficient and very thorough, I couldn't wait to meet everyone in person when I finally arrived to Australia :)

I would highly recommend Visa Partner, My friend Mel recommended them to me which I am very thankful for and now I am happy to recommend them to anyone needing some help in this area.

They really are the best.
Posted By: Shah and Ben
Partner Visa
We want to thanks Martin, Jennifer and the rest of the team at Visa Partner for the professional and courteous way they treated us throughout the whole visa process.

They were always quick to respond (phone, mail, e-mail) any and all questions. They made what seem to be a stressful and complicated journey to us, much easier and stress free ride. For this we are deeply grateful for the services they provided.

From the time we met Martin and Jennifer they have been honest and straight down the line in regards to all possible outcomes (positive and negative) in the visa process, we always left our appointments in good spirits knowing that we were in competent hands.

Thanks again to Martin, Jennifer and the team for their amazing job as Isis is well on her way to becoming an Australian resident!! We would HIGHLY recommend Visa Partner services to everybody.

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI !!!!
Posted By: Donald and Isis
Partner Visa
To Martin and team, especially Yoko, from the beginning it was with absolute professionalism.

The procedure is generally painstaking but the encouragement we were given was tremendous. Every detail was covered, this shows product knowledge.

We were treated so well and made to feel important.

I would not hesitate to use their services again and if i could give any one advice it would be to listen and follow their advice, these people know what they are doing and you would have a positive outcome.

Thank you
Posted By: John and Alice
Partner Visa
Martin’s professional and understanding approach comforted me from the first day that I spoke to him as he explained the process that was required for our partner visa application. After our initial conversation I knew that he was the right agent for Dean and I, and this was further reinforced when he did exactly what he said he was going to- email me with further information! It made me feel like our visa application was important to him and we weren't just another client on the books.

Visa Partner’s friendly, professional and prompt service is what really separates them from the other migration agents along with the honest, but sensitive advice in regards to your visa application.

Instructing Visa Partner to guide us with our visa application removed the worry from completing all the research and paperwork. It allowed Dean and I to live our lives the way that we wanted to, instead of being bogged down with the stress of our visa application.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Visa Partner to our friends that are submitting visa applications and to others reading this review. Martin was recommended to us by a close friend, and we feel it would be near on impossible to find another migration agent like him.

Thank you Martin, Jennifer and the team at Visa Partner from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done for us.
Posted By: Helen and Dean
Partner Visa, Perth
My partner and I were very happy with the service we had received at Visa Partner. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. The agent looking after our case was/is Yoko. She responded to our queries within a few hours and every now and then she sent us an email regarding our application, even if there were no news at all.

We found it very nice to see her checking on our application and when she had the feeling we should remind the Immigration Office, she prompted us to send her the latest evidence so she can pass it onto them. I found this very useful, because sometimes we were too busy to think about updating our visa application.

I am very happy with our choice to get Visa Partner’s help, as I cannot imagine us doing all these things all by ourselves.

Great job guys, highly appreciated! Thank you for helping me to keep on living my dream :)
Posted By: Eva and Lance
Partner Visa
We first came across Visa Partner online while doing a search for someone to help with our application. It was a particularly tricky and complicated case that we needed the right person for. After meeting with 3 different potential people to take our case we finally met with Martin and Yoko at Visa Partner.

Our minds were put at ease instantly with the way they handled our situation and clearly explained the way we would work through it all. Their friendly and extremely professional service never let us down and we felt fully confident that we had chosen the right people. They made our life so much easier with the step by step consulting and direction they gave us, continuing even after we moved overseas to wait for our visa approval. They were in constant contact with us through email letting us know what steps we needed to take to keep our application moving forward.

Yoko and Martin have a very thorough knowledge of the immigration system and made sure we had all of the paperwork and forms needed to ensure there would be nothing lacking in our application; and now, after only eight months, we have received the amazing news our visa has been approved!

Now we can begin properly planning our future together in Australia. The team at Visa Partner are at the top of their game, literally. If you have any visa issues you need not go any further than Visa Partner.
Posted By: Glenna & Marty
Prospective Marriage Visa
We would like to thank Martin, Jen and the rest of the team at Visa Partner. Great job done guys.

We are overwhelmed at the speed we were granted our visa.

We look forward to your help for the next stage in 2 years from now.

Once again thank you so much!
Posted By: Janet and Mick
Partner Visa
We had no hesitation in choosing Visa Partner for our partner visa after Martin was so helpful earlier in sorting out Mae's student visa.

Every step of the way Martin clearly explained each process and he was honest in his views and advice. It is a long, emotional and draining process but was made easier to deal with thanks to the professional and compassionate service from Visa Partner.

Our future together here in Australia is assured now and our wedding plans are in full swing without the fear of future complications

We highly recommend Visa Partner for expert, friendly and efficient service and we will certainly work with them again if the need arises.

To Martin and Jennifer and the Visa Partner team, we are so happy and look forward to a lifetime of happiness together thanks to you.
Posted By: Mae and Marcus
Partner Visa
We were very hesitant to use a Migration Agent as we had heard a few stories of people being ripped off, charged excessive amounts for little work. We made a few phone calls from a directory listing to agents in the Cairns area and we were feeling like the stories were true. They seemed to just want our money and for us to do all the work.

Our last phone call was to Martin & Jen from Visa Partner, and Martin took the time and explained what service he offers and what was expected of us. He asked if we would like a no obligation appointment to have a chat regarding the application. We thought we would meet face to face and see what we were in for. After meeting Martin & Jen, we knew that if they delivered what they promised we were in good hands. We made the decision after a few days to go ahead with Visa Partner.

Martin and Jen have walked us through every step that we needed to take to get the application ready for submission. They were never pushy or made us feel that we were any inconvenience. When the application was ready to submit, Martin made us feel very confident that it would be approved. After a year we got the exciting news that our application was successful and that the visa was granted. What a relief.

Overall I cannot think of anything negative to say about the way that Visa Partner runs their business or deals with clients. I will tell anyone that they will produce results with as little stress as possible.

We are so happy that we have used Martin & Jen and we consider them a part of our family as they have helped us stay here in Australia.
Posted By: Will, Maeto & Abigail
Partner Visa
Visa Partner came highly recommended to us through friends who had found Martin and Jens professional, understanding and honest approach to the Visa Applications in Australia second to none. When we had our first free consult, from then onwards we knew there was no one else for the job.

Visa Partner gave us confidence throughout the process that we had no doubt in our minds that we would get the result that we needed for us and our daughter. They kept us fully up to date with government changes, application changes etc.

We found them so easy to talk to, when we didn't understand certain aspects of the process they would be on the phone 24/7 to answer our queries and to explain them in a way we understood. We found them so personable; they remembered every detail about our application and never made us feel like just a number. Always on first name terms, which I really appreciated.

Now after what seemed like a nice easy going process I have permanent residency and my partner, our child and I can start our lives together in this glorious country they call Australia.

Thanks to their wonderful hard work and friendly natures.
Posted By: Shauna, Sean and Saffron
Partner Visa
Visa Partner, once again with frequent updates and positive attitude, our Partner visa been granted just in 2 weeks!! after lodged the application.

Thank you for Martin and Jen! You guys are amazing!

Thanks to Grace too for the coffee on every our appointment. :)

Absolutely recomended for everyone to Visa partner.
Posted By: Novensius and Lili
Partner Visa
Before we first went to see Martin and Jen, we felt like we were facing an impossible task. Martin's step by step approach made it feel like following a recipe to success. At no time did Martin hold anything back in giving us his honest opinion, even if things were not looking good. But he would always guide us in a most professional and experienced manner the best course of action to take.

There were times when it felt too hard and that our relationship was an argument against a faceless, money hungry demon known only as "the department". But our determination and the support of the team at Visa Partner would always keep us strong.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Martin and Jen to anyone who feels like they can't do it alone. They charge a very fair price for something that is priceless.

Thank you again Visa Partner
Posted By: Steve and Maria
Partner Visa
Martin and his team were very helpful, informative and punctual.

Martin especially was understanding of our situation and we are truly blessed and thankful for his hard work and commitment to our case.

He has changed our lives for the better.

Thank you so much!
Posted By: Mandeep and Krystal
Partner Visa
Me and Justin are so happy that we got our visa and can finally start looking forward to the future and we couldn't have done that without the help of Martin and Jennifer.

We are really grateful for the help, knowledge and communication we have had throughout our visa application. Visa partner made getting the visa less stressful knowing somebody was always there to help (even when we were in the UK) either phone, email or popping into the office.

Would definitely recommend visa partner to anyone interested in an Australian visa.

A pleasant process with everything explained step by step.

Thank you so much visa partner :)
Posted By: Eleanor and Justin
Partner Visa
It has been my dream to live in Australia and I never thought it would ever happen until now.

There has been many up's and down's over the 3 years of trying to stay here but once I found Visa Partner they did everything they could to help me, I ended up doing a Diploma of Management which I really enjoyed and proved to myself I could do it!

Thank you to all the help they gave me.

Posted By: Amy
RSMS Subclass 187
We asked Visa Partner to help us because we were worried we did not have enough evidence or documents to get the visa on our own.

Visa applications are very stressful and it certainly helped us having Visa Partner helping and guiding us. Whenever we had any questions they were available to give us guidance and support. This support continued after the visa was lodged all the way to the end when the visa approval was given.

Thank you for all of your hard work.
Posted By: Helen and Dale
Partner Visa
Visa Partner are a very professional company.

Martin explains everything that you need to know about your visa application and makes sure you understand any associated risks including having a backup plan, just in case it is required.

Thankfully our visa was approved and we are now Permanent Residents of Australia!
Posted By: Chris and Cara
RSMS 187 Visa
According to me you are the best visa consultant.

I almost lost my visa just because of some mistakes made on earlier visas but then I found you to help me, you have given me the right and positive information about my visa so I tried you. Then after hard work of yours, I finally got my permanent visa.

On 20th August 2014 you gave wonderful news that my visa has been granted. After my family, if I trusted someone that is you. I have no words how I thank you. Now I will recommend all my friends and family members to consult you regarding any visa problems.

Thanks loads you are the best.
Posted By: Munish, Sandeep, Rattan and Simran
ENS 186 Visa
Words cannot begin to describe the amazing service that Martin and Jennifer and Visa Partner Cairns provided throughout our MRT / visa process.

When hearing news that our partner visa application had been rejected we were devastated, we desperately phoned the first contact in the phone-book for visa assistance and we got Visa Partner Cairns. After a free consultation we sought Martin and Jennifer to assist in appealing our case to MRT – Best decision we have ever made!

We were thrilled with the result of our MRT case and our visa application.

Martin and Jennifer are commendable migration agents and a great team!

Throughout the MRT and visa process Martin and Jennifer were extremely informative, professional, honest, caring, efficient; available any time and above all gave 100% from the beginning of the MRT/ visa process until the very end when they successfully obtained a permanent partner visa for us!

Thank you Martin and Jennifer for making this happen – we are tremendously grateful for your support, positive attitude and impeccable and dependable service, this would not have been possible without you – this means the world to us!

I highly recommend Visa Partner Cairns to anyone looking to obtain a visa to stay in Australia!
Posted By: Kannan & Leah
Permanent Partner Visa
It would take us many pages and words to fully describe the visa experience with Martin, Jennifer and Visa Partner in Cairns.

So we will shorten it to professional, helpful, available any time and 100% successful in obtaining 5 visas with a price range that matches any group.

They should be on your first stop list and with a free initial consultation service it is a win win.

Thank you for making our family complete - because that is priceless.
Posted By: Simon, Maria, Almiro, Kiara and Jillian
Dependent Child 445 Visa
Just like to say a huge thank you to Visa Partner for helping with the process of applying for our de-facto visa.

Martin was incredibly helpful and right from the beginning we had his full support.

It would have been very stressful without you.

Thanks again :D
Posted By: Mel and Chris
Partner Visa
Thank you so much for your great service.

Much appreciated that you helped me go through the visa process.

You are the best!!
Posted By: Lina, Ethan and Anthony
Partner Visa
I'm really happy to get my visa approved, I love to stay in Australia.

Thanks a lot Martin , you did a really good job!

Only took two and half month's to get approved :D
Posted By: Rupinder
RSMS 187 Visa
Very professional and always keeping us up to date with information and news on any further developments with our visa application.

Made our visa application a lot less stressful and we are both extremely happy with the outcome.

Couldn't have done it without you! Thank you to Martin and Jennifer for all their hard work in making our dreams of living in Australia become a reality!
Posted By: Lee and Keely
RSMS 187 Visa
Living in Australia has always been my dream since I was a young child. My wife and I came to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa with the intention of becoming permanent residents but the process seemed extremely difficult to face on our own.

We spoke to a couple of agents before hearing about Visa Partner and I have to admit I am so pleased that we chose to enlist the help of Martin and Jennifer.Martin's knowledge of the way the system works and the choices of visa available is second to none. He was absolutely fantastic in guiding us in the right direction and giving us the pros and cons of all the options available.

We settled on an RSMS visa and he correctly informed us of everything we had to do. Although we moved away from Cairns half way through the application it didn't stop Martin from still giving us all the support we needed until our visa was granted (in just 2 months and 5 days).

Jennifer is the most friendly receptionist and always delivers what she promises. A true asset to a fantastic team. Having been through the immigration process themselves they understand the stresses and complexity of the process and truly guide you all the way through.

After 15 years of wanting to live permanently in Australia, Visa Partner has played a huge part in me finally, finally achieving my dream. Thank you so much!
Posted By: Dominic & Alexandra
RSMS 187 Visa
Thanks for my friend for introduced me to Visa partner!

Thank you Martin and Jennifer, with excellent service and positive attitude. i was worried and desperate when i knew i had to deal with the immigration for my GF visa, but Visa Partner gave me a faith for my GF visa. now after 7 month my dream is came true.

Thank you Visa Partner! Wish All the best!
Noven & Lili
Posted By: Novensius and Lili
Prospective Marriage Visa
We are very grateful for Visa Partner’s service!!!

Thank you for your help, insightful suggestions and efficiency during the process. Very clear and honest advice was given from the start as well as great communication and availability in answering all our questions.

We will definitely recommend Visa Partner to anyone who is in need of immigration advice.

Martin and Jennifer, you are doing such a great job! Thank you again! All the best from Bob and Anja
Posted By: Anja and Bob
Partner visa
Excellent and informative service provided every step of the way with a concise no nonsense approach.

We felt we were dealing with a very honest professional who guided us through the necessary processes with patience, good humour and dedication to our individual personal situation.

Could not have found a better migration agent, and this has been confirmed from my comparison of our experience with other people we've met and their experience with other migration agents.

We hit the jackpot so to speak, with Visa Partner. I'd recommend their services to anyone.
Posted By: Ellie, Jono & McKenzie
Partner Visa
Visa Partner are without question the "BEST" *****

Our thanks go to Martin and Jennifer who made our application a breeze. Their professionalism and skill in migration matters is first class. Our application was approved within 2 months, a speed unheard off.

Once again, thank you for your exceptional work and the brilliant outcome.
Posted By: Angelika & Heinz
Partner Visa
The service given to me by Martin & Jennifer was really excellent!

It was also amazing that the visa application only took 3 weeks to be approved once submitted to the Australian Embassy in PNG. What a wonderful surprise!

I was very impressed by the Visa Partner team, they very helpful and respectful to me at all times.

Now I am encouraging all of my friends who have visa issues to speak to only Martin at Visa Partner.

I am grateful to my friend who introduced me to Martin.
Posted By: Sharon
Student Visa
I‘d like to thank you again for your help and support and I wish you guys all the best in business because you deserve it!
Posted By: Alessandra
Student Visa
Visa Partner helped both me and my brother with our student visa applications. My application was delayed slightly due to unforeseen medicals issues that required additional medical checks and specialist doctors reports.

During the entire process Martin and Jen kept me up to date and I now have my student visa approved :D

I could not have managed this without their help. They always made time to speak with me whenever I had any questions. They really look after all aspects of the visa process and I highly recommend their service to everyone.
Posted By: Nebros
Student Visa
Service provided by Visa Partner was excellent!
Posted By: Gagandeep
Pete and I went to Martin and Jen with around 3 weeks left on my 2nd working holiday visa. We found both Martin and Jen to be friendly and approachable.

They both understood the pressure and stress we were going through, they helped guide us and understand the process.

Martin was honest, realistic and efficient with our application. With a successful outcome we always recommend their service and we can't thank them enough :)
Posted By: Nat & Pete
Partner Visa
Thank you very much for assisting us about visa.

We are so happy.

We thank you for being there for us.
Posted By: Daniel and Om
Prospective Marriage Visa
Martin and Jen were fantastic.

They helped every step of the way and made the process so much easier than it would have been to undertake the visa process direct with immigration.

It took some time to get all my paper work together but once it was all done, we were all surprised that my visa was granted in only 10 short weeks.

I have already passed Visa Partners details on to some friends and colleges.
Posted By: Lauren
After thinking I had no option left to remain in Australia and live the life I have always dreamt of, I came across Martin's friendly helping hand. He helped me choose the best option for the limited time that I had.

Martin and Jen turned my most dreaded experience into the most pleasant and friendly one ever. I could not thank Martin and Jen for their professional quality and efficiency enough.

They reassured me of every doubt I had and did all the hard work for me. Martin and Jen kept me updated with the smallest of details and left me at the most comfortable position throughout our entire journey.

I cannot recommend them more. Genuinely caring partners!
Posted By: Deidre' van Rooyen
Martin and Jen are true life savers. Without their help I would be stuck back home in Sweden shovelling snow!

Many thanks and great work.

I would advise anyone who wants to stay in Australia to use Visa Partner.

Posted By: Thomas
Student Visa
I am very grateful to Visa Partner for all your help and guidance throughout the visa process.

You have made my families life in Australia possible, now the sky is the limit. You are very kind and helpful and masters in your field.

I will recommend you to all of my friends who require assistance with visas.

Once again thank you very much.
Posted By: Amrit, Anju and Himesh
I was very happy with Visa Partners service. Very relieved my visa was finally approved. Looking forward to studying in sunny Cairns.

I really enjoyed the help and advise from Visa Partner and very happy overall.

Posted By: Joshua
Student Visa
Martin and Jen were very helpful, honest and got my visa processed as fast as possible and always kept me informed on the progress of application.
Posted By: Glen
Words cannot describe how thankful I am with Martin and Jennifer’s help during my visa process.

I only had 3 weeks before my bridging visa expires. Martin has given me great advice on how and what to do if my visa would be denied or granted.

They kept in touch during the process as well. They run through the process with me thoroughly and explained it to me even though it was hard and I was stressed (Thanks for the tissue *wink).

If something’s come up again regarding my visa, I won’t worry anymore because Visa Partner is on my speed dial.
Posted By: Mae
Student Visa
Visa Partner provided excellent service, friendly staff, very efficient.

I have already told one of my friends to go for the same visa as me and I have other friends who will go and see Visa Partner as well.
Posted By: Margaretta
Student Visa
I switched to Martin and Jennifer with only three weeks left on my student visa.

The service and support both myself and my employers received was excellent.

The process was clearly explained and I was kept fully up to date with the progress.

My RSMS was granted within 3 months!

I would recommend visa partner for their efficiency, knowledge and friendly professional manner.

A big thank you to both Martin and Jennifer.
Posted By: Adele
RSMS visa
I thought that you have done really well.

The best part of your service was the great overall communication process with me and as well with my visa officer.

You really focus on small key areas as well before lodge the application that could not be possible without you. I am really, really happy and well satisfied with your service.
Posted By: Davender, Amandeep and Jashman
Not a bad word can be said about Martin or Jen at Visa Partner Cairns. The advice was first class, up to date and available at any time I called. They are a team that works so well together and we were so lucky to find and choose them. Along with the professional service there was also a personal side that made the visa process a lot easier during the application as well as the result.

I applied through Martin for a temporary partner visa that can take up to 13 months to receive a decision, with the help of Visa Partner we had approval in four weeks. The visa application and the work that was put in my Martin and Jen speaks for itself with the result of all their efforts on view.

I would never have any doubt in recommending Martin and Jen at Visa Partner for visa applications or just advice on the complicated world of the visa, and because of them I am one step closer to my dream and that is priceless.
Posted By: Maria & Simon
Partner Visa
Visa Partner organised our 457 visa when Matt and I came to Australia in September 2012. The entire process took less than 3 weeks and through out Martin was thorough, honest, informative and calming during what was a very stressful time.

When Matt decided to leave his job for another sponsored role our first port of call was Martin. He professionally guided Matt's new employers through the sponsorship process and again collected all necessary documentation in a thorough and professional manner. To our delight and relief our visa was approved in 7 working days.

We have actively recommended Martin to our friends and we will no doubt return to him when the time comes to apply for our Permanent Residency!
Posted By: Matt & Erinn
457 Visa
We were so thrilled that our visa was approved in just seven months!

Applying for a visa can be such a stressful time, but it was really great to know that with Martin and Jennifer everything was taken care of.

They gave us realistic and honest advice throughout, Martin even came up with a back up plan in case our defacto application wasn't accepted, something we would otherwise have never thought about doing ourselves (fortunately the back up plan was never needed and we are now permanent residents).

We got through this whole process by being positive, and trusting in Martins and Jennifer's experience and expertise to make our dream a reality, and most importantly by never loosing sight of what we wanted. Thanks heaps! x
Posted By: Marie & Adam
I approached Visa Partner to assist me with a prospective marriage visa for my fiancé who was living in Bogor, Indonesia after hearing their radio ad.

Martin and Jennifer provided all the information I needed to make an informed decision and at no time did I feel I was being pressured into committing with Visa Partner. Martin also helped to keep my hopes and expectations under check, so it was a real surprise when my partner and I received our visa in just 7 months so we were able to enjoy Christmas 2012 and New Years together.

My partner and I are now happily living in Cairns and working towards getting together all the various documents/licences and cards that most Australians take for granted. I will be using Visa Partner again for my partner’s permanent residency visa and I would most certainly recommend Visa Partner to anyone looking to gain an Australian visa.

Posted By: Jason & Leady
Prospective Marriage Visa
I have now been in Australia for 5 & a half years on various visas. It seemed like so much work with all the forms and level of evidence that needed to be gathered.

My husband and I applied for the final part of the spouse visa through Martin & Jennifer. They were fantastic to deal with, very professional and made the whole process a lot easier to work through.

They gave us updates at each stage so we knew where the process was up to at all times.

We would highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to apply for a visa.
Posted By: Lesley, Col and baby Elise
Partner Visa
Visa Partner are honest, reliable and professional. They have experienced for themselves how stressful the process can be when applying for a Visa in Australia.

I was given information and advice in the free consultation which was beneficial in choosing the Visa I wanted to apply for, I then felt reassured and knew that I could trust Visa Partner with lodging my application. I received a confirmation email to declare my Student Visa had been approved 2 days after it had been lodged!

I have already referred a friend to Visa Partner as I was pleased with the customer service provided. I will defiantly use Visa Partner in the future if I need assistance with applying for a visa!
Posted By: James
Student Visa
We were a bit lost with all the complicated applications, and agencies telling us nice stories or different outcomes - some agencies offering us a visa within 6 months & others saying "it s possible" in 2 months.

But Visa Partner explained to us every realistic possibilities. Our choice came from their honesty. They gave us all the possibilities, telling us the truth and our situation allowed them to get us our visa after 6 weeks of lodging.

It appears, because of Visa partner, Australia welcomed us with open arms.
Posted By: Matt and Eve
Partner Visa
When we initially looked at the possibility of coming to work in Australia, the myriad of hoops we had to jump through seemed undoable.

Thanks to you guys knowing exactly what we needed to provide we got there a lot quicker than if we had went through the application process ourselves.
Posted By: Matt and Erinn
457 Visa
Martin and Jennifer are very helpful in every possible way. They are always friendly and professional. I had some trouble on a Saturday evening and I had to call Martin for help. He answered on my first call and immediately helped me to his best ability. I don’t know of any other immigration agent who does that!

My only complaint is that you have to take a ridiculous photo when you get your visa approved! :D
Posted By: Thomas
Student Visa
My friend told me about Visa Partner.

Very pleased with the entire process, good communication and fast service.

The staff are very friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone who need visa assistance.
Posted By: Devender
My friend recommended Visa Partner to me and I am very glad he did.

I felt very comfortable with Martin looking after my visa application as he was always available to meet and speak with me.

Each step was explained in detail and the visa decision was very fast.

Excellent service.
Posted By: Gurpal & Parminder
I had a lot of stress in doing the RSMS before I met Martin. And once I met him, he took all my stress away and the application was approved in a short time.

I am so happy with Visa Partner's services.

Thanks a lot!
Posted By: Harjinder
We are very happy with the help and service from Martin and Jen.

To be reunited together takes a lot of work and it's worth employing someone to make the process smooth and explain each section.

To get professional help with a legal area that we know very little about is for our peace of mind.

Thank you.
Posted By: Simone & Paul
Partner Visa
I called this company because they were the only ones open between Christmas and New Year :)

I am so pleased I did call them as the service was very friendly and process was very smooth.

Best In Australia!!
Posted By: Jassa
After making enquiries with other migration agents, we felt intimidated somewhat and no more informed than when we began. However, after hearing about Visa Partner via Facebook, we began to feel both confident and that we at last understood clearly what we were facing.

The steps required towards applying for the appropriate visas for us were explained clearly and patiently. The extensive requirement for documentation was a sometimes frustrating demand of the governments visa process, but Martin and Jennifer were always cordial, encouraging and patient in their shepherding of us through the process to its successful outcome.

Thank you Visa Partner.
Posted By: Eleanor & Jonathon
Partner Visa
I couldn't be happier with the results of my Visa application!

The process was very stressful for me and I was able to voice my concerns and Martin did what he could to calm my nerves. I was given realistic expectations and in the end my Visa was processed extremely quickly to the point where I think it surprised him too.

I have already recommended Visa Partner to a few of my acquaintances as I think I received great service for a reasonable price.

If I ever have any more immigration needs in the future, you guys will be on my speed dial. Thanks again :-)
Posted By: Tarrah & Kent
Partner Visa
When Ina and I first researched the Australian Immigration process and procedures, we were quite uneasy about the application and felt it was an impossibility. Upon searching online for assistance, we came across Visa Partner and were drawn to their sleek site and professional appeal.

When we first consulted Martin about the process, we felt much easier and could begin to see an opportunity to make a successful application. Both Martin and Jen were very friendly, upfront and understanding, and assisted us in every way possible to make the process as streamlined as they could.

Today, Ina and I are on the path to permanent residency for her, and we couldn't be happier together! Without the immense help from Visa Partner, we may still be stuck on the application, or worse, facing her rejection. Many thanks to Martin and Jen for their amazing efforts and honest practice!
Posted By: Ina & Ryan
Partner Visa
Getting a visa for Australia can be so difficult sometimes but Visa Partner made it easy for me. I can say they did a very good job.

They give the best advice and the best thing is while you pay lots of money for other immigration agents just for consultation, with Visa Partner it's for free.

I would recommend them to anyone interested in getting an Australian visa. They are the best and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the help they gave to me.
Posted By: Richman
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